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Chem210-1 F07 Ex1 p01a - a b c C C C H H H H C H H H B O H...

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1. Provide an acceptable name for each of the compounds below (3 pts each) a) CH 2 -CH 3 b) H H CH 2 -CH 2 -Br CH 3 CH(CH 3 ) 2 H c) 2. Provide formal charges (if necessary) on appropriate atoms on each of the following structures - you may assume that any and all lone pairs present are specified (2 points each)
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Unformatted text preview: a) b) c) C C C H H H H C H H H B O H H H C H H H H C H H C N O ethyl cyclobutane (cyclobutyl ethane) 1-bromo-4,5-dimthyl hexane 6-isobutyl-2,3-dimethyl decane...
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