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Exam Taking Tips - Fundamentals of Marketing Exam...

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Fundamentals of Marketing Exam Suggestions and Rules Prepared by Pat Feldman, Associate Director, SMU Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center and Judy Foxman, Cox Senior Lecturer of Marketing Ten tips for taking the exam successfully: 1. Begin by doing a memory “dump . Jot down on the exam those steps you fear forgetting, those memory devices you invented. Then relax and begin. 2. Decide which part to do first . If you can do the short-answer section quickly, it may help to do it first, and then settle down to the longer multiple choice section. If you go blank on the details required for the short-answer questions, you may do better by answering the multiple choice questions first, to get your mental processes going, then returning to the short-answer section. In either case, watch the time carefully. 3. As on any short-answer questions, write SOMETHING on each, even if you are not sure of your answer. You may earn partial credit . 4. On both sections, make a first pass through the questions, answering the easier ones first. You’ll do them quickly, earn some points, and get your wheels turning. Then return to the harder questions. 5. The multiple choice section uses classic application questions. It’s not enough just to recall a term; you will need first to recall and then to APPLY the information, sometimes to a situation
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Exam Taking Tips - Fundamentals of Marketing Exam...

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