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Fundamentals of Marketing Exam I – Fall 2010 The following are the topic areas to be included on this exam. You are responsible for all end of chapter Key Terms and Concepts, except for those included on pages identified as ones you are not responsible for reviewing for this exam. CHAPTER 1: Marketing (elements necessary in order for marketing to occur, goals of marketing, etc.), Evolution of Market Orientation (production, product, marketing concept, etc.), 4 P's, Customer Relationship Management. Not responsible for Ethics and Social Responsibility (EXCEPT for Societal Marketing Concept) pp. 17-19 CHAPTER 2: Objectives/Goals, SWOT Analysis, Situation Analysis, Mission Statement, Competencies, Growth and Consolidation Strategies (Market Penetration, Harvesting, Pruning, etc.), Annual % Sales Change. Not responsible for Appendix A pp. 50-63 and Business Portfolio Analysis pp. 36-38 CHAPTER 3: Barriers to Entry (advertising dollars, switching costs, etc.), Trademarks, Consumer Income, Social Class, Faith Popcorn's Cultural Trends, Changing Age
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Unformatted text preview: Demographics/Distribution, Regional Marketing Not responsible for Population Shifts, Racial/Ethnic Diversity, Culture pp. 70 - 74, Technology Forces pp. 78-80, and Regulatory (EXCEPT for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Trademarks) pp. 82-86 CHAPTER 5: Purchase Decision Process (evaluative criteria, consideration set, cognitive dissonance, etc.), Attitude Change, Perception (selective exposure, distortion, and retention), Consumer Involvement and Problem Solving, Behavioral Learning, Reference Groups, Personal Influence Not responsible for Situational Influences, Motivation and Personality pp. 117-120, Consumer Lifestyle pp. 124-125, and Family Influence, Culture and Subculture (EXCEPT for Social Class) pp. 128-133 MARKETING ARITHMETIC: Market share, Sales Revenue, Unit Sales, Total Costs (Variable and Fixed), Unit Contribution, Breakeven, Profit Impact, % Profit Margin ARTICLE: Not responsible for Buzz on Buzz...
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