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EVENT REPORT: RELI 1303/3306 Fall 2010 An event report is a 2-page report of an Asia-related event (campus lecture, museum visit, temple visit). This is extra-credit. One report grade will count towards an additional 2% in your total grade tally, but no report is accepted after the last day of class. Only one report is accepted towards extra credit, but if you receive "no credit" on a report, a second, completely different, report can be submitted for consideration. Appropriate events are announced throughout the semester. Criteria: The first page of the report should be a concise summary of the event. If you attended a lecture, briefly describe the content of the lecture. If you go on a temple visit, describe the event and the surroundings. If you attend a museum exhibition,
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Unformatted text preview: describe the main content of the show. In all cases, if a flier is available, attach it to the report. The second page of the report is an analysis of what you saw and heard. If appropriate, place the event in the context of the class materials and class lectures. What is most important in this part of the report is that you clearly explain to me what you think about ONE aspect of the event (for example, a particularly controversial topic of a lecture, one piece in an art museum show, or one aspect of a temple visit)....
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