Vedareading - Cl6ssic&1. Texts 14 m3ke all thcse thinss...

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14 shied. I m3ke all thcse thinss well again for vou with pra-vcr, is thcy do with thc oblition's 18. The rxe cuts through ihc thirw-four ribs of thc r.cehorse who is the compmion of ihe gods. Kecp fie linbs undimaged and place thcm nr the Proper pattern. Cut thcm ,prr,,iJhng out Piccc b! Picc. la. One i' Ihe 'ladghtcrer ol the ho6e of Tvxstr; two r€stlain him This is th€ rule As nrany offourtinbs as I set out, accordirg to the rules, so manv balls I oftlrinto the fire 20. l-et not vour ded soul bum You as you go arvi-v ]ft not rhe 'c.lo lasdlg harn to your body. If,t no grecdy, clumsv slaugh' terer hack in th€ wrong Place anddamagevour hnbs with his knift. 21. \ou do nor re,rlly di( rir.ugh rhF. nor are you harmed. You go to thc Sods on Paths plc.sdr ro go or. Tl'. n\u o,v{rllion\. rh( t$ o nn$ vuur chdior mir(\ Th( ricehose hasbccn sctin rhe donkeY's voke 22. Irt this racehorse bring us good cittlc and good horses, male clildren and i,l nnrrrnhrng sealrh tf,r Adrrr mJ( rr' .i(c lcr rhe hor.( wrrh uur olTtring\ aclieve sovereip Po\rcr for us I.I I PraY to Agni / ] I prJr t. AtsIi rhe hou'chuld Dtr.'r "h^F I rl,e sod or rh( .lcrifi'e. rhe unc qho (hJnr' I rnd invokes rnd brjng; [ :. ,qe"i carncd rhc prarcn ot rhE lncrcrrr ' 'age. . rrd oi lh^'c ol rhc prc\cnr. Ionl he NilL bring fie gods h€rc 3. Through Agni one may win wealth, and growth from day to dan glorious and most abourlding in heroic sons 4- Agni, rh€ sacrifLcial rituxl thit yotr encompass on all sides only that ore goes 5. Agni, rhe pdcst with lh€ sharp sight ofa poct! the rrue and most brilliant, the god will comc with the gods. 6. whit€ver good -vou wish to do for thc one \\'ho $'orships vou, Agni, througb lou, O Angiras, that cones true 7. To you, Agni, who shine upon drkness' Ne com€ day after.lar', bringing our thoughts 8. to you, thc kinli oler sacr;tic€s, thc shin ing gllardidr of the Order, gro$ing in vour 9. B. easy for us ro reach, like a fxther ro his son. Abide vith us,Agni, for ourhappincss I.26 Agni and the Gods L Now set dresscd itr your robes' lord of porvere and mastcr olthc sacdticirl food' and offer this sacnfice for us. 2. Yourg Agni, take your placc as our litour ire priest with inspiratio.s and shhnrg spccch 3. The f:thcr sacrilices lbr his son, thc com for his conradc. the falourite friend for his ftierd. 4. Ma,v VaruDa, Mitra and Ar-vaman, Proud of their powers, sit uPon our sacrcd g.ass, N 5. You who lvere thc iirst to jnvoke, rejoice in our friendshlp and hcrr oDlJ' thcse songs 6. whci $r off€r sacrificc io dris god or rhat god, in the full line of order, it h ro vou alone that rhe oblrtion is off€red 7 If,rhim beibelovedlordoftribesforus, a fa\ouritc, kindLv intok€ri lct us hal'c r good lire rnd bc beloved. 8. For rvhen thc gods harc
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Vedareading - Cl6ssic&1. Texts 14 m3ke all thcse thinss...

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