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CSE 100, Fall 2010 CIDSE, Arizona State University Due: Saturday , September 04 th , midnight (11:59 pm) Online: Please see Submission Instructions Please see submission instructions given in the last page ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Introduction: This assignment helps you to reinforce the topics discussed in the class including a) Problem solving process b) Using cin and cout object c) Develop a program that involves data input, variables, and arithmetic operations. Important: This is an individual assignment. Please do not collaborate. Grading policy: We will check a) The correctness of your program/solution b) Variable naming (self describing) c) Identification of proper data type d) Appropriate commenting and Indentation. Part I 1. [3 Points] Read the section 1.4 (pages 21-22) of the textbook and briefly explain the problem solving process (no more than ½ page). 2. [5 Points] Names and Places: The goal in this exercise is to develop a program that will print out a list of student names together with other information for each. The tab character (an escape sequence) is helpful in getting the list to line up nicely. A program with only two names is in the file Names.cpp.
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This note was uploaded on 09/20/2010 for the course CSE 100 taught by Professor Na during the Spring '09 term at University of Arizona- Tucson.

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Homework_1CSE100 - 1 H omework Assignment 1 (20 Points) CSE...

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