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9/21/2009 1 1 How cognitive psychology can help your (cognitive) life Lecture 5 17 September 2009 (Valian Lecture 1) 2 What are the names of the instructors of this class? A. Gollub, Parsons, Vallian, Ziegler B. Golub, Parsons, Valian, Zeigler C. Gollub, Parson, Valian, Zigler D. None of the above E. I have no idea CLICKER QUESTION 3 Now try this CLICKER QUESTION A . B . C . D . E . F . 4 Encoding • Encoding is selective and efficient – Do you need to know the details of a penny? • Encoding is affected by motivation – Do you care what your instructors' names are? • Encoding is affected by prior knowledge – Spelling regularities • Gist – the core meaning of an event – tends to be encoded more than details 5 Encoding Encoding is affected by attention – Some activities require a great deal of attention – Attention is limited – A lot of attention to one thing means less attention is available for something else – You cannot retrieve (remember) information that you never encoded in the first place 6 What is cognitive psychology? • Study of thoughts, ideas, memories – What the content of thought is – How we think • In the language of cognitive psychology, it is the study of mental representations, concepts, and processes
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9/21/2009 2 7 Information processing • How we encode and acquire information • How we store information • How we retrieve information • What form the information takes (e.g., images, words, sentences, concepts, propositions) • What the content of the information is 8 Information processing • How we learn new information and skills • How we reason with information • How we create new information • How we learn language • How we understand and produce language • How we make decisions 9
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valian1-2 - 9/21/2009 CLICKER QUESTION How cognitive...

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