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Study Questions Set 3 ANSWERS SQIII Ch.2 27-33 1. The inside (intracellular fluid) and outside (extracellular fluid) are separated by the neuronal membrane. Describe the normal distribution of ions ( A-, Cl-, K+, NA+) inside and outside the neuron before any action potential occurs. Chlorine is fairly equally distributed; sodium is distributed largely outside the membrane, A-,large organiz ions-is largely inside the cell; K+ is also largely inside the cell. 2. . Define concentration gradient The chemical processes acting upon ions to move then into or out of the cell and electrical gradient. The electrical processes acting upon ions to repel or attract them 3. Three main “players” control the movement of ions in and out of the neuron. The properties of the cell membrane, the concentration gradient and the electrical gradient. For each of the 4 ions, explain how the interaction of these three results in the distribution of that ion inside and outside the cell membrane. K+ : concentration
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