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Psych 180 SQII. Chapter 2: (pp.23-27) II. Chapter 2: (pp.23-27) 1. For what three types of task are neurons specialized. Carrying input from sense organs, controlling movement, muscles and glands, conveying information between neurons. 2. There are (a) as many, (b) fewer , (c) more neurons than there are glia. ? 3. Name four parts of the cell body (soma) of a neuron. nucleus, cytoplasm,organelles, membrane Which of these is uniquely specialized for neural functions. The neural membrane 4. What part of the neurons receives input from other neurons. dendrites What part is specialized to transfer information to other neurons .axons 5. Distinguish between sensory, motor and interneurons. Which are the most numerous.? Sensory neurons gather information from receptors; motor neurons activate muscles and glands, internmeurons connect sensory and motor
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Unformatted text preview: neurons ,6. . How do the heads and tails of lipid molecules differ and what is the functional significance of this difference. Their heads face the intracellular and extracellular fluids, their tails face each other to form a double layer membrane. 7. What do we mean by permeability The property of being open to the movement of particles 8. What is selective permeability. Some limitations on what particles may or may not pass through 9. What is the resting potential? The difference in charge (voltage) between the inside and outside of a neuron. Its is analogous to the difference in charge between the inside and outside of a battery1 0. Define , polarization The presence of such a difference and depolarization the process during which this difference is removed—as is the case for the action potential....
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