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Psych 180 SQs with answers SQs Fall 2010 I . Chapter 1: Introduction 1. How would you define Neuroscience. The multidisciplinary study of the nervous system and its role in behavior 2. The term neuroscience identifies the subject matter and not the investigator. Explain. A wide variety of methods are used by neuroscientists—anatomy, physiology, behavior, genetics, etc,, but what makes them all neuroscientists is the focus of those studies on the brain and behavior. 3. Psychology has a brief history but a long past. Explain. The kinds of questions about mind and behavior have been asked since ancient times, but the sciences trying to answer them did not develop until the 18 th and 19 th century. 4. In what sense is the concept of mind similar to that of the concept of a university. Mind is not a thing but a construct inferred from the presence of behavioral perception characteristics such as memory, attention. Just as there is no one thing you can point to when asked to identify the University. Its not a specific building, or faculty member, or piece of
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