Discuss the relationship between �Purpose� and �Thesis� and their im

Discuss the relationship between �Purpose� and �Thesis� and their im

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Discuss the relationship between “Purpose” and “Thesis” and their importance to  developing a persuasive argument or a “thesis driven” essay. Provide specific examples  of “Purpose” and “Thesis” to support and illustrate your discussion. The thesis is the claim of the essay. It is what is being argued, from a rhetorical point of  view. However, the purpose of the essay is the overall goal of the essay. It takes into  account the audience and the context of the essay. For example, suppose I write an  essay arguing that handguns have no place in American society. That is my thesis,  regardless of the purpose of my essay. I can broaden or narrow my thesis, for example,  to argue that handguns should be made illegal, or to discuss the historical evolution of 
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Unformatted text preview: them. But the argument is the same. However, the purpose is something entirely different. One possible purpose is as a purely academic exercise to get a grade in a writing class. Another purpose is to convince gun owners to give up their guns, or to convince potential gun owners not to buy them. I might even be trying to convince gun vendors not to sell them. Or perhaps my essay is directed at government, in order to try to get new legislation passed. Perhaps I am even a death penalty opponent, and am arguing my point in order to show that gun violence in the US is a systemic problem, instead of personal failing. Either way, the purpose of my essay is different, even though the thesis is the same....
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