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DQ Aristotle 1 - wealth power or honor Such activities...

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// Please use this as a reference and compile your own answer with its help // Best  regards // // Honest Abe // 1.)     Aristotle said, "Every art and every scientific inquiry, and similarly every action and  purpose, may be said to aim at some good. Hence, the good has been well defined as that at  which all things aim. But, it is clear that there is a difference in ends; for the ends are sometimes  activities, and sometimes results beyond the mere activities. Where there are ends beyond the  action the results are naturally superior to the action."  What might Aristotle mean in the statement indicated above? Aristotle means that human striving in all its capacities has wellbeing as the top, most all- encompassing end. Well being is established through virtue-based rational activities, and not by 
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Unformatted text preview: wealth, power, or honor. Such activities actually bring character, intellectual virtues, scientific knowledge, and rational judgment to the fore. This line of thinking is in agreement with theological thinking, which is a way of comprehending things from a functional point of view with reference to how individual parts relate to the whole. // Thanks for purchasing my tutorial! If you find it helpful, please leave a positive feedback // // (A+) // Best regards // Honest Abe // // Please do not post it on open sources or on those which can be accessed for free, such as WikiAnswers.com, Answers.Yahoo.com, Blurtit.com, Jishka.com etc., neither on Opapers.com, Solutionlibrary.com, Brainmass.com, Justanswer.com, Studentoffortune.com etc. // Thank you //...
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