Is communication inherently the same whether it is done over the phone

Is communication inherently the same whether it is done over the phone

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Is communication inherently the same whether it is done over the phone, through the computer, or in person? Why would a manager choose to convey especially good or bad news in person to her team of employees instead of through e-mail? What is one instance where you have miscommunicated something? What could you have done differently to facilitate clearer communication? Communication can be done through various mediums such as through the use of the phone, email or in person. However, not all forms of communication are suitable for each tool. When conveying a piece good or bad news, the information is usually very important, therefore there is a need to convey in person rather than through email. For example, when announcing a death of a person, one would expect to be shocked or to experience a drastic change in emotions, therefore conveying in person would be better since the speed of communication can be paced and one can help to pacify the receiver of the information. On the hand, the use
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Unformatted text preview: of email is unsuitable for the receiver might find the message too abrupt. In addition, the use of email is not always reliable. Information sent over the internet can be leaked. As such, conveying extremely good or bad news through email would harm the receiver should other people have access to the email. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the sender have not received the message in time. Hence, conveying in person is more reliable and ensures that the intended recipient receives the message on time. An instance where I have miscommunicated something would be when I sent an email to the wrong recipient without realizing. Hence, I was unable to get my fellow colleague to help me in time because I kept on waiting for his response without realizing that he had not received my email. In order to facilitate clearer communication, I should have approached him in person instead or called him on his mobile which would have generated an immediate response....
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