Program1 - Shayon Mazumder [email protected] CS101 Program 1 Problem Create a program that calculates the area of a right triangle Algortithim

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Unformatted text preview: /* Shayon Mazumder [email protected] CS101 Program 1 Problem: Create a program that calculates the area of a right triangle. Algortithim: inputs: leg1, leg2 output: area of triangle refined algorithim //obtain lengths from user //prompt user for lengths //get data //compute area of triangle area of triangle= .5*leg1*leg2 //display area of triangle #include<iostream> usingnamespace std; intmain() { float leg1,leg2; float area_triangle; cout<<"Enter the base of the triangle:"<<endl; cin>> leg1; cout<<"Enter the height of the triangle:"<<endl; cin>> leg2; //compute area of triangle area_triangle=.5*leg1,leg2; //display area of triangle cout<<endl<<"The area of the triangle is:"<<area_triangle<<endl; return 0; } ...
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