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Patient Compliance Checkpoint: Patient Compliance Erin Hailey Patton HCA/230 September 17, 2010 Phyllis Phillips Read the scenarios in Appendix D and answer the following questions for each scenario.
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Patient Compliance 1.) What patient compliance issues are evident in the scenario? 2.) What communication problems are contributing to the patients lack of compliance? 3.) How might the caregiver improve communication in a way that would promote patient compliance? Scenario 1: 1.) in this scenario Carolyn’s mother threw away her prescriptions for her asthma medication. Her mother then made her an appointment with a different physician causing Carolyn to go another month with out the proper treatment for her asthma, instead of phoning Dr. Ward with her questions like he had instructed her to do. 2.)Carolyn’s mother is not taking the time to call Dr. Ward and inform him that she was unhappy with his performance earlier that day. During this call she would have asked the questions she needed answers to during the visit.
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ErinHaileyPatton-PatientCompliance - Patient Compliance...

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