Preserving Los Katios

Preserving Los Katios - Preserving Los Katios 1 Preserving...

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Preserving Los Katios 1 Preserving Los Katios National Park Erin Hailey Patton July 4, 2010 SCI/230 Christine Wicher-Rogers
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Preserving Los Katios 2 In Columbia there is a beautiful area near Panama known as Los Katios National Park. This is a magical place that is home to many different living creatures including a smaller number of humans whom are there mainly for sugar caine, as well as timber traiders (who are now threatening the national parks land animals.). Humans how ever are not the only ones that populated this area. There are at least two species that are only known to inhabit this particular part of South America. One of these species is known as the grey-headed chachalaca. The other is known as the mouse (known to natives as heteromys). A unique species the natives refer to as the rufous-cheeked hummingbird. Some of the animals that have been threatened are the giant anteater, central-american tapir, as well as an animal called the bush dog. What makes this place so special are all of the different life forms that have made their home inside the national parks borders. Some species are only known to this area, which is why it is crucial for preservation and/or conservation to begin. If these animals are not protected then it is very possible that they will not only start to die out but in the long hall they will become extinct. Tourists who have experienced these wonderful creatures know first hand the importance of this task as well as why it has to be a priority. All of these animals share their home with around five hundred tourists each year. Many of these tourists are scholars looking to discover as well as study these many
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Preserving Los Katios - Preserving Los Katios 1 Preserving...

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