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Business Communication Introduction Communication is a big part of a business it is what makes a business successful. Communication is the crucial part in business and in today’s world there are a lot of new trends that are helping businesses with communication. There are many new technology trends that business use to help them stay in touch with their employees when they are out of the office. Day to Day The role that business communication plays in a day to day activities at work is challenging. There are many tools that are used to communicate with co-works throughout the day from cell phones, e-mails and or texting. Modern day technology trends has help with scheduling and keeping meeting that need to be attended and information needed to be given to co-workers outside the office. The way it helps keep my daily work activities in check is by making sure that the computer gives reminders regarding appointment throughout the day. Daily emails are sent out to co-workers to remind them of upcoming check runs and the check request need to be filled out correctly. Some co-works communicate with texting and request checks by this trend. With business communication changing regularly it seems
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Business Communication - Business Communication...

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