Along the way why question 2 what approximately is the

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Unformatted text preview: paper! Where do the field lines begin and end? If they are equally spaced at their beginning, are they equally spaced at the end? Along the way? Why? Question 2: What, approximately, is the potential midway between the two conductors? REMINDER (just this once): Whenever you are asked for a numerical value DO NOT FORGET UNITS! Question 3: What, approximately, is the strength of the electric field midway between the two conductors? You may find it easier to answer if you measure the potential at a few points near the center. Question 4: Now switch to the parallel plate configuration. On the bottom drawing on the previous page (which shows only one corner of the configuration) sketch your predictions of the equipotential lines for 2V and 3V. Do NOT write on the conducting paper! These lines should continue to the edge of the paper. Measure the voltage at several points roughly along your predicted line. Write those voltage values along your predicted lines. What did you learn from this test of your predictive ability? Further Questions (for experimentation, thought, future exam questions…) • • • • • What changes if you switch which conducting pad is at +4 V and which is ground? What if you forget to connect the ground lead? If you rest your hand on the paper while making measurements, does it affect the readings? Why or why not? If you wanted to push a charge along one of the field lines from one conductor to the other, how does the choice of field line affect the amount of work required? The potential is everywhere the same on an equipotential line. Is the electric field everywhere the same on an electric field line? E01-7...
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