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art101 chkpoint week 5 - through the drawings He was also...

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Review the nature and function of Leonardo’s drawings on the Universal Leonardo Web site located on this week’s student web page. Review the nature and function of Michelangelo’s drawings on the British Museum Web In my opinion, Leonardo had multiple paintings that were quite creative in it. He uses his imagination and it is like he runs wild with it. He uses a creative process in which I believe that his roots form which the drawings came from the teachings of Andrea delVerrochio. From Andrea is where Leonardo learned about softness of artwork, smoky pieces and the mathematical approach as well. These can be seen throughout the drawings and by using these techniques it allows Leonardo to stand out from other artists. His drawings are very fluid and the movement within the drawings enables the mind of the artists to show
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Unformatted text preview: through the drawings. He was also fascinated by water and swirling. All of his artwork is just taken right off the page and he was able to draw what he loved and he drew when he felt the most creative inside. Michelangelo’s drawings were more of a spiritual nature and he wanted to bring out and show that emotion. He used a variety of reds and browns which made the artwork stand out with the individuals in the paintings. I believe that he wanted to be more detailed in his artwork and felt that was who he was. Domenico Ghirlandaio was some of the influence behind he artwork even though Michelangelo would agree otherwise. site located on this week’s student web page....
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