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Phys 263/Amath 261 Assignment 5 Due: Monday, June 30, 2008 (in class) 1. A uniform dense rope of length b and mass density μ is coiled on a smooth table. One end is lifted by hand with a constant velocity v 0 . Find the force of the rope held by the hand when the rope is a distance a above the table ( b > a ). 2. A billiard ball of initial velocity u 1 collides with another billiard ball (same mass) initially at rest. The first ball moves off at an angle ψ = 45 degrees. For an elastic collision: (a) At what LAB angle does the second ball emerge? (b) At what CM angle does the first ball emerge? (c) What are the velocities of both balls after the collision? 3. In an experiment, particles of mass m and energy E are used to bombard stationary target particles of mass 2 m . (a) The experimenters wish to select particles that, after scattering, have energy E/ 3. At what scattering angle will they find such particles? (b) In one collision, the angle Θ between the incident and target particle was measured
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