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PHY lab two - PHY-122 Error Propagation Volumes Lab two...

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PHY-122 Error Propagation - Volumes- Lab two Joshua Manski Partners: Sandra Thoms Date: January 5 th 2008 SLN# 12909, Tuesday 6:40 Zhi Guo Objectives : In this experiment we set out to practice analyzing errors by calculating volumes of measured three dimensional shapes. This lab will allow us to understand exactly how errors compound through formulas. This is important because these types of error calculations are used throughout industry and the world to do product control quality. To calculate these errors in volume, multiple measurements of the same object are needed to use the formulas. Experimental Procedure : To complete this experiment we first had to obtain five objects to measure. “1. A rectangular prism. 2. A triangular prism. 3. A hollow cylinder (find the volume of solid material). Be sure to also measure the “wall thickness” directly with the calipers. 4. A bullet shape object, approximated as a cylinder plus hemisphere of matching diameter.
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5. A small plastic cup. Estimate the volume of the cup by finding the volume of water that fills a regular shape (rectangular box).” These were given to us by the TA. We then had to use the computer to familiarize ourselves with the calipers that were supplied in lab. After becoming proficient in using the calipers we then needed to take measurements of the five objects. All of the objects needed to be measured
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PHY lab two - PHY-122 Error Propagation Volumes Lab two...

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