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PHY lab three - PHY-122 Vectors and Strings- Lab three...

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PHY-122 Vectors and Strings- Lab three Joshua Manski Partners: Sandra Thoms Date: January 5 th 2008 SLN# 12909, Tuesday 6:40 Zhi Guo
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Objectives : In this lab we set out to apply Newton’s laws to objects that do not accelerate. The normal application of Newton’s law is F=ma. In this lab since there is no movement, F becomes zero. This type of design becomes important in the operation of cranes, buildings, or other objects that do not move. This lab will only deal with vectors that move in two directions. The approach to this lab will consist of two separate trials. The first one will include balancing three pulleys so that F=0. The second will require us to balance a meter stick using weights and the center of gravity for the stick. Experimental Procedure : For the first part of this experiment we were given a circular platform that was engraved with all the degrees in a circle. Around the edge of the circular platform pulleys could be attached and these pulleys had strings ran over them to the center of the circle. In the center of the circular platform was a ring that the strings being run over the pulleys were attached to. We were then instructed to place two pulleys at thirty degrees and one-hundred-thirty degrees. From these pulleys strings were ran over and attached to the ring in the middle of the circular platform. The other end of the strings had weights attached to them, 100 grams and 150 grams respectively. Our task was to find a third weight and pulley configuration that would cancel the forces of the other two pulley systems. This was found by putting a large amount of weight on the string and then moving the pulley between 200 and 340 degrees on the
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PHY lab three - PHY-122 Vectors and Strings- Lab three...

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