PHY lab one - PHY-122 Friction- Lab one Joshua Manski...

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PHY-122 Friction- Lab one Joshua Manski Partners: Sandra Thoms, Tyler Woods Date: January 29 th 2008 SLN# 12909, Tuesday 6:40 Zhi Guo Objectives :
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In real world experiments random errors sometimes occur and can be relatively large. In this lab we collected data for an experiment that had a large amount of random errors like those mentioned above. After collecting data we would use proper statistical analysis software to examine the data and obtain a suitable final value. This final measured value would include a proper uncertainty amount for the random errors. To obtain our data we used a force meter and pulled a series of weights behind it and recorded the data for analysis. Experimental Procedure : Before data was to be recorded from the force meter, it first had to be calibrated. To do this we opened up the program “Data Studio” on the lab computers then hung a weight from the force sensor and zeroed the sensor. After the sensor was calibrated we checked it by taking forty seconds of data and making sure that the sensor was reading 9.81 N for the 1kg weight. Then each group member took a couple practice run dragging the supplied weights along the table. These runs consisted of five to eight
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PHY lab one - PHY-122 Friction- Lab one Joshua Manski...

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