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PHY lab four

PHY lab four - PHY-122 Springs and Oscillators Lab Four...

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PHY-122 Springs and Oscillators- Lab Four Joshua Manski Partners: Sandra Thoms Date: February 19 th 2008 SLN# 12909, Tuesday 6:40pm Zhi Guo
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Objectives : The purpose of this lab is to study springs and how they react to forces. After completing this lab we will be able to calculate and compare the spring constants of stretch and force. Also we will plot forces verse distance and time 2 verse force. Using these graphs and linear fits we will examine and calculate the dynamic and static constants. It is important to study springs because they are common in engineering as well as all sciences. Experimental Procedure : To complete this experiment we first needed to acquire the appropriate materials. This included a spring, meter stick, scale, various weights in grams, and a system to hold the spring and hang weights on it. From there we weighed the spring because this information was needed for further calculations. Then we proceeded with part one of the experiment. To complete this part we hung the spring and then put seven sets of weights on it. After each weight was added we measured the amount of the stretch the spring did. After the seventh weight was added we took them off individually and weighted them on the way down so that we would have fourteen measurements total. This data we then plotted on Graphical Analyses software and a linear regression line developed from the points. For the second part of the experiment we hung a set amount of weight on the spring from five
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PHY lab four - PHY-122 Springs and Oscillators Lab Four...

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