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Lab Report 8

Lab Report 8 - PHY 122 Lab 8 Collisions in One Dimension...

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PHY 122 Lab 8: Collisions in One Dimension Joshua Manski Partner: Sandra Thoms Date: March 25, 2008 SLN: 12909 TA: Zhi Guo
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Objectives: This experiment allowed us to examine the collisions of two separate bodies in an elastic and an inelastic collision. We used data such as before and after velocities to discover the energy and momentum conservation laws. These tests would be performed on a low friction track and in one dimension. Experimental Procedure: In this experiment we needed to measure collisions in that were elastic and inelastic. Both of these collisions needed to be performed on a frictionless track. Before we ran any test the track had to calibrated and the lasers that measured the velocity of the car needed to be checked. To calibrate the track we just put a car on it and raised one end of the track until the car would remain stationary and not slide to one side. To make sure the lasers worked we opened the program Science Workshop then ran our hands in front of the lasers to make sure it detected movement. Finally we made sure the cars weighed the same by adding weights to the lighter one. To complete the elastic collisions we performed three separate collision tests five times a piece. The collisions were elastic because one car had a rubber band stretched across the front and the other collided with this band. The first collision was where one car was stationary while another hit it. The before and after velocities were measured for both cars. The second collision was where a car weighing
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Lab Report 8 - PHY 122 Lab 8 Collisions in One Dimension...

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