PHY lab 10 - PHY-132 RC time constantJoshua Manski Partner:...

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PHY-132 RC time constant - Joshua Manski Partner: Sandra Thoms Date: November 6 th 2008 SLN# 82129, Thursday 12:00pm Brian Morrison Objectives : In this lab we set out to examine the voltage across a capacitor as it charges and discharges from an alternating source. We used an oscilloscope to study the transient relation of this resistor/capacitor circuit. From this transient response we were able to plot the data points and fit a nonlinear curve to the graph to obtain the time constant. Finally we used several other methods for determining τ. Experimental Procedure : To begin this lab we needed to build a circuit in order to study the charging cycle of the capacitor. This circuit is shown below.
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In the First part of the experiment we did not connect anything across the V_out connections. The circuit was set up so that the resistor and capacitor were in series with a function generator. Then we connected channel one of the scope across the function generator and channel two across the capacitor. The function generator, capacitor, and resistor were all set to nominal values. We observed the display on the scope and set the scope to display one full charging and discharging cycle. Once our data was set up we individually adjusted the resistance, capacitor, and frequency values and noted what effect they had on our scope wave. For part two of the experiment we set the circuit’s components back to their original
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PHY lab 10 - PHY-132 RC time constantJoshua Manski Partner:...

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