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PHY lab 11 - PHY-132 LRC circuit(phases)Joshua Manski...

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PHY-132 LRC circuit (phases) - Joshua Manski Partner: Sandra Thoms Date: November 13 th 2008 SLN# 82129, Thursday 12:00pm Brian Morrison Objectives : The purpose of this lab was to teach us how different components in an AC circuit will have voltages and currents out of phase. A simple LRC circuit was analyzed to show the phase shifts between the resistor, inductor, and capacitor. The oscilloscope was a valuable tool in determining the frequency and voltages for our circuit. We also learned how to find the particular resonance frequency for an individual circuit. Experimental Procedure : To start this experiment we needed to set up the LRC circuit that would be used for the remainder of the experiment. This circuit is shown below.
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For the first part of the experiment we did not connect the Pasco leads. We set the capacitor, resistor, and inductor to values required by the lab manual. We turned on the scope and proceeded to adjust the amplitude on the function generator so that we got 2 volts p-p on scope channel 2. Once we had the required amplitude we adjusted the frequency of the generator so that scope channel 1 and 2 were in phase. This was our resonant frequency which we noted down. As we were tuning through resonance we copied down the waveforms on the two scope channels. Then we turned the frequency down so that it was a bit below resonance and observed if the voltage led the current or vice versa. We then used the DMM and recorded the RMS voltages that were across the resistor, capacitor, and inductor.
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