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PHY lab 12

PHY lab 12 - PHY-132 Resonance in LRC CircuitsJoshua Manski...

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PHY-132 Resonance in LRC Circuits - Joshua Manski Partner: Sandra Thoms Date: November 20 th 2008 SLN# 82129, Thursday 12:00pm Brian Morrison Objectives : In this lab we set out to study the relationship between power (through a resistor) and frequency in an LRC circuit. By varying the frequency in the circuit we were able to determine the max current flow at resonance. From the relationship between power and frequency we were able to model a non-linear fit for the plot. In the last part of this lab we examined the damped oscillation of a square wave at a low frequency through the resistor. From the damped oscillation plot we determined some constants for the circuit. Experimental Procedure :
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To start this experiment we needed to build a LRC circuit than consisted of a resistor, a capacitor, and an inductor in series. Then this circuit was connected to a signal generator. The schematic for this circuit is shown in the figure below. Before we turned on the signal generator we measured the resistance of the inductor and noted it down. The signal generator was then turned on and channel one from the Scope was connected across the resistor and channel two was connected across the source. Using the DMM was adjusted the signal generator so that it had 1 volt RMS sine wave at a frequency of 2kHz. The DMM was moved back to the resistor and we adjusted the frequency in order to find the maximum voltage across the resistor which was our resonance frequency. This was repeated two more times and recorded so that we had three different resonance frequencies. In the second part of the experiment we needed to measure the voltage as we tuned
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PHY lab 12 - PHY-132 Resonance in LRC CircuitsJoshua Manski...

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