PHY lab five - PHY-132 Ohms Law- Lab 5 Joshua Manski...

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PHY-132 Ohm’s Law- Lab 5 Joshua Manski Partner: Sandra Thoms Date: October 2 nd 2008 SLN# 82129, Thursday 12:00pm Brian Morrison Objectives : In this experiment we set out to test the properties of Ohm’s law. In this lab we measured and calculated the resistance of various items and examined the voltages and currents flowing through them. We used a number of different mediums to test Ohm’s law including resistors, graphite, and light bulbs. Also we tested how heat will affect resistance. Experimental Procedure : Part 1 In part one we needed to examine the properties of a resistor. First we noted what ohmage it was by comparing the color bands around it to a resistor chart. Then we used the DMM to measure the resistance of it be setting the DMM to ohms and placing one lead of the DMM on
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one side of the resistor and the other lead on the other side of the resistor. We then connected the resistor in the circuit shown below. We then made a table of Voltage and Current to fill in. This table was filled in by taking the voltage and currents measurements at 5 rising increments from 0-15V then back down these five increments. So we ended up having 10 total sets of I and V. Part 2 In part two we examined Ohm’s law in relation to a light bulb. First we measured the resistance of the light bulb cold. Then we took the circuit that was used in part 1 and replaced that resistor with the light bulb. We made another table of V/I as we adjusted the voltage from 0 to 6.5V. (We did not go higher than 6.5 V because it would have burnt out the light bulb) this time there were 10 voltages on the way up to 6.5 and the same voltages coming down from 6.5,
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PHY lab five - PHY-132 Ohms Law- Lab 5 Joshua Manski...

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