PHY lab three - PHY-132 Electric Potential and Electric...

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PHY-132 Electric Potential and Electric Field I - Lab Three Joshua Manski Partner: Sandra Thoms Date: September 18 th 2008 SLN# 82129, Thursday 12:00pm Brian Morrison Objectives : In this lab we set out to analyze the electric fields and the electric potentials surrounding electrodes in a water bath. This lab showed the connection between electric potential and electric fields. We learned how to calculate the fields by using the electric potential readings. Experimental Procedure : To start this experiment we first placed two metal bars in the glass container that had a shallow water level. Underneath the glass was a sheet of graph paper. This paper was used to align the metal bars so that they were parallel to each other as well as to note measurements. We then used a function generator to apply a positive and negative charge to each of the bars and noted which one was ground. We connected a DMM so that we could monitor voltages. We
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connected the ground on the DMM to the ground bar so that we could monitor voltages throughout the tank. After the equipment was set up we started to measure voltages throughout the tank between the two bars. Our goal was to trace six separate lines of equipotential in half of the tank, and then we just mirrored them to the other side. We then calculated the electric field at two contour lines. After calculating the field between the contour lines we used a two point probe to calculate the field at these same locations. The probe was rotated until the largest voltage was
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PHY lab three - PHY-132 Electric Potential and Electric...

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