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Joshua Manski Charles Barfoot REL 321 Assignment 1 January 21, 2008 My own and my families religious experiences and traditions are somewhat diverse and varied. In general, the maternal side of my family consists of different levels of Catholics. My grandfather came over from Cuba when he was five and was raised Catholic. I do not know how religious my great grandparents were but my grandfather is very religious. He is a Eucharistic Minister at his local church and frequently attends. My grandmother’s family immigrated from Ireland and are Catholic as well. She was also raised Catholic yet she is not as involved as my grandfather. Most of their close relatives are Catholics with the exception of my great uncle. He is Church of Christ and converted because of his displeasure with the Catholic Church and was drawn to Church of Christ because of the help it offered him. My mother was raised Catholic and as a rebellious adolescent wasn’t too interested in attending church. As she grew up and found herself she moved farther away from Catholicism. Today she does believe in God or a higher power but does not attend church aside from the occasional Christmas visit with her parents. My paternal side consists of Catholics from Poland. I do not know much about them personally though. I know my father was raised Catholic and disliked it. I remember him telling me he went to an all boys school where the nuns hit him with yardsticks and paddles. He did not
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Assignment 1 REL 321 - Joshua Manski Charles Barfoot REL...

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