extracredit 2 - NTR 100 Extra Credit Assignment 20 pts 1....

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20 pts 1. Go to MyPyramid.gov and using the tools available, find out what your personal pyramid is. There is an option to print a PDF version of your personalized pyramid results. Print the PDF. Use "mypyramid tracker" to create a day’s worth of meals including breakfast , lunch , dinner and snacks using the serving amounts recommended from each food group. (Include drinks, but no supplements like Luna or Cliff bars.). The diet you write for that day must meet the requirements in each food group and the calorie level of your personalized pyramid. Then go to "Analyze food intake" and scroll down and click "Mypyramid recommendation." Remember you must meet 100% of intake for all food groups and calories recommended. 2. Print and turn in the PDF of you personalized pyramid results; the print out called "Mypyramid recommendation." and the foods eaten and portion size (typed). (3pts) 3. Go to the link "Inside the Pyramid" to answer the following questions: 4. Grains: a) What is considered a whole grain? A Whole grains is one that contains the entire grain kernel. b) How many cups of dry cereal (i.e. cheerios) is one serving? 1 cup c) How many cups of cooked grains (i.e. pasta, rice, or oatmeal) is one serving? ½ cup d) What percent of your daily grains should be whole grains? (2 pts) 50% of grains should be whole grains. 5. Vegetables: a) List the five different types of vegetables and give one example of each. Dark green vegetables-kale Orange vegetables-butternut squash Dry beans and peas-garbanzo beans Starchy vegetables-potatoes Other vegetables-tomatoes b) How many cups of lettuce is one serving? 2 cups of lettuce is one serving.
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extracredit 2 - NTR 100 Extra Credit Assignment 20 pts 1....

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