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Joshua Manski Bonnie L. Beezhold NUT-100 Extra credit assignment Nutrition Deficiency Diseases: Beriberi Describe the nature and symptoms of the disease. Beriberi is a deficiency disease that results from the body not having enough thiamine (vitamin B 1 ). There are two main types of this disease. The first is wet Beriberi which affects the cardiovascular system and the other is dry Beriberi which affects the nervous system. Beriberi is caused by the body’s inability to effectively convert carbohydrates into energy as well as decrease in heart, muscle and nervous function (1). Symptoms of dry Beriberi are -Pain -Tingling -Loss of feeling (sensation) in hands and feet -Muscle damage with loss of muscle function or paralysis of the lower legs -Vomiting -Strange eye movements (nystagmus) -Mental confusion/speech difficulties -Difficulty walking -Coma -Death (2) Symptoms of wet Beriberi are -Swelling of the lower legs -Increased heart rate -Lung congestion -Enlarged heart related to congestive heart failure
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-Shortness of breath with activity -Awakening at night short of breath (2) Describe the role of a specific nutrient or dietary factor in the disease. Vitamin B 1 (thiamine) is the nutrient that corresponds with this disease. B 1 plays an essential role as a coenzyme in the breakdown of carbohydrates. Without it, pyruvic acid and lactic acid (products of carbohydrate digestion) accumulate in the tissues, where they are responsible for most of the neurological and cardiac problems. (1) The excess build up of these acids in the blood stream is what causes symptoms of
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EXtra - Joshua Manski Bonnie L. Beezhold NUT-100 Extra...

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