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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Do we need to get the TurningPoint clicker for lecture? Yes, and you should buy it at the USC bookstore (at the cash registers on the first floor). If you have already purchased it for some other class at USC, you may use it for BISC 120 as well, just do not forget to register it for this course (on Blackboard). 2. Where do I register my clicker? You have to go on Blackboard ( https://blackboard.usc.edu ), sign in, click on your lecture section (either 13003, 13004 or 13005) and once it appears click on Tools and scroll down until you find the TurningPoint Registration Tool . After clicking on that enter your clicker’s 6-digit ID number found on the back of your response device. There is a lot of numbers so be careful and enter the correct number. If your number starts with a 0 please enter zero too. Mac users might have problems registering their clicker through Safari so please use Internet Explorer (or Mozilla Firefox). 3. Is it ok to use the 7 th Edition Campbell and Reece Biology textbook? You are responsible for the material in the 8 th edition, as that is what the professors use. There are several changes from the 7 th edition that include chapters reorganization, new images, some coverage changes, new online resources, and some new facts. On the other hand, the large majority of the material is the same. If you follow lectures carefully and periodically check with friends who have the 8 th edition you will probably do fine in the course with a 7 th edition. Still, it is your responsibility to learn the material taught from the 8 th edition. To save money you might consider getting only the 8 th edition eBook. 4. Where can I buy the General Biology Lab Manual? You can purchase the lab manual at the USC bookstore only. It will be available after Aug 15, 2010. 5. Do I need the Photographic Atlas for the lab? Yes. The Photographic Atlas is needed for the labs because it contains images of most biological specimens that you'll examine throughout the semester. And you will use it next semester in BISC 220 as well. 6. I wanted to ask if the photographic atlas and the lab manual are still the same as
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