Bacteria Lab Report Guidelines

Bacteria Lab Report Guidelines - General Lab Report...

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General Lab Report Guidelines Lab reports should be 4 to 6 type-written pages in double-space plus any necessary figures, graphs, charts, etc. Additional guidelines are listed below. Use complete sentences; grammar, spelling, and neatness do count. You should proofread the report using spell-check and grammar-check before printing, and correct errors before submission. Print your paper at least hours before it is due to give you time to deal with computer and printing problems that sometimes occur. Computer or printer problems are not considered valid excuses for late lab reports and you will lose points. A copy of your lab report must also be posted on Blackboard ( Lab Reports link) before your regular lab period. The lab reports are due 2 weeks after the exercise at the beginning of the lab period , unless specifically indicated in the laboratory schedule. Lab reports turned in after the lab period are already considered late and you will lose 5 points. For each day the lab report is turned in late, you will receive a 5-point deduction. No lab report will be accepted without prior completion of the particular lab. If you attend a different lab the week a lab report is due, it is your responsibility to get your lab report to your lab instructor on time. Remember, be brief and to the point.
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Bacteria Lab Report Guidelines - General Lab Report...

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