0. Provisioning IMS-based Seamless Triple Play

0. Provisioning IMS-based Seamless Triple Play -...

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Provisioning IMS-based Seamless Triple Play Services over Different Access Networks A. Al-Hezmi, F. Carvalho de Gouveia, M. Sher, O. Friedrich, T. Magedanz Technical University of Berlin Franklinstr 28-29, D-10587 Berlin, Germany Abstract — Triple Play is considered as delivering of telephony (VoIP), Internet, and TV services on the top of a single bearer technology plus value added services like presence, community-based services, multimedia streaming services etc. Since IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) has been designed to enable the convergence of fixed and mobile networks to provide combinational services with QoS, so it offers the comprehensive architecture for provisioning of triple play services. However further studies are required in order to provide triple-play services seamlessly over different access networks. This paper describes a converged IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)/TISPAN Service Delivery Platform (SDP) architecture to provide triple play services and focuses on the issues of access and transport layers for providing seamless environment in UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and DVB (Digital Video Broadcast). This work is being developed in the context of extending the FOKUS IMS testbed to offer new IPTV testing capabilities to the Pan-European Network of testbeds (Panlab Project) federation. Keywords - Triple play, IP Multimedia Subsystem, IPTV, Quality of Service, Seamless Services. I. INTRODUCTION The evolution of IP technologies have enabled delivering of multimedia streaming services like live TV, stored content, video-on-demand, content downloading and distributed gaming, etc. The “Triple Play” is the new buzzword describing the convergence of the three terms, i.e. voice (telephony), Internet and TV as commercial notion for driving market towards new technology. However the fixed and mobile network operators have been struggling for providing fixed- mobile convergence. Triple play arena is also adding cable companies and particular the Internet service providers in this race. Particularly the convergence of networks and services require a comprehensive research and technical expertise in the different service domains. Actually cost reduction of the infrastructure and service provision plays an important role. However, there is also a demand for establishing a common platform for a converged triple play service environment, i.e. a single service control platform. These concepts are addressed by IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) which is standardized by 3GPP and its global adoption as standard NGN (Next Generation Networks) Service Delivery Platform (SDP). The FOKUS experiences at running the FOKUS IMS testbed and the challenges towards solutions for integrating it in the Pan-European network (Panlab) Framework are described in [1]. This paper takes a step further, and describes a general architecture of a streaming subsystem and focuses mainly on the possible applications on the top of UMTS and DVB access networks, which will provide new
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0. Provisioning IMS-based Seamless Triple Play -...

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