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MCB 3209 Chapter 6, Membrane transport of solutes, water and ions by diffusion, mediated transport, active transport, secondary active transport, filtration and osmosis. Generation of voltages. pp. 128-150, but omit p. 139 and Ca pump and bulk transport Outline Body fluids: intracellular, extracellular, interstitial and plasma Diffusion in solution Proportional to difference in conc and area available, inversely proportional to distance Net diffusional flux = D x (C 1 – C 2 ) x A x ( x) -1 Permeation across a membrane Proportional to difference in conc and permeability of membrane to the molecule flux across a cell membrane = P x (C o – C i ) x area available for exchange Water transport: filtration and osmosis Osmolarity = moles of osmotically active molecules per liter of water
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Unformatted text preview: Iso, hypo and hyper-osmotic Tonicity: iso, hypo and hyper Carrier mediated transport: Facilitated diffusion (uniport) Exchangers (antiport) Cotransport (symport) Active transport: primary and secondary Ion channels and development of membrane voltages Nernst equation V in-out = {RT/zF} x {ln([K out ]/[K in ])} V in-out is the voltage across the membrane, inside with respect to outside, and R is the gas constant, T is the absolute temp, z is the valence on the ion and F is the Faraday constant. For all practical purposes, this equation reduces to: V in-out (in mV) = 60 log [K out ]/[K in ] Membrane voltage depends on ion conc gradient (outside conc/inside conc) and presence of selective channels Role for Na/K pump and ion channels in the generation of membrane voltage...
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