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MCB 3209 CHAPTER 8 Study Guide Identify in a schematic drawing and know functions of: Hemispheres: frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes separated by central and lateral sulci; locations of sensory areas for touch, vision, hearing; location of motor nerves to muscles Somatic sensory pathways: Sensor, sensory neuron, second and third order neurons, relay in thalamus, cross-over; postcentral gyrus and homunculus Somatic motor pathways: precentral gyrus and homunculi, corticospinal nerves, cross over, motor nerve through ventral horn to skeletal muscle Cerebellum, basal ganglia and thalamus Reflex circuit: sensory nerve, dorsal root and dorsal root ganglion, spinal cord, motor nerve, ventral root, skeletal muscle Hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pons and medulla oblongata 1. T-F? The knee jerk reflex of the right knee involves the dorsal root ganglion and gray matter of the spinal cord and the left primary motor cortex. 2. T-F? The medulla oblongata and pons are located in the parietal lobe.
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