Bio1A Lecture Exam Reader - B iology 1A - S ummer 2010...

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Biology 1A - Summer 2010 Lecture M - Th 12:30- 2 PM in 100 Lewis This reader contains lecture exams, and sample questions. When you take an exam, set aside the same amount of time that was allotted for it. The time allotment for lecture exams is 80 or 85 minutes during Summer Session. You should rely upon your syllabus and the Bio 1A website for the most current information. Specific handouts will be given for each exam. Use the exams in this reader only to determine areas in which you are weak. DO NOT use the exams as a study guide. Note that summer 2010 exams will consist of multiple choice questions worth about 75% of the exam and short answer worth 25% of the exam. (150 points = about 113 points multiple choice, about 37 points short answer. Exam 1 Exam 2 Summer 2009 Dr. Baxter 3-14 (15) Summer 2009 Dr. Baxter & Dr. Gilson 31-43 (45) Summer 2008 Dr. Baxter 17-28 (29-30) Summer 2008 Dr. Baxter & Dr. Gilson 47-57 (59-60) Exam 3 Summer 2009 Dr. Gilson 61 -75 (77) Summer 2008 Dr. Gilson 79-88 (89-91) Specific Study Hints Outline your notes. Discuss the material with a fellow classmate or GSI--either your own, or go to the GSI office during office hours. See the professor during office hours. Be sure to take advantage of office hours several weeks before the exams, quizzes or lab practicals. If you wait until just the week before, or even the same week, you will be competing along with many other students who have also waited until the very last minute--this just doesn’t work as well. Refer also to your lab manual for other specific study hints. Attend lectures and take notes. Do your best to pay attention during lecture and to keep on top of the material. Each person has different study skills that work best for themselves. Typically a very good study strategy is to make diagrams that summarize four or five lectures. As an example, I have made diagrams that summarize most of the lecture material in two or three diagrams. After going over the exams I have been able to answer at least 70% of the exam questions from the diagrams (if the diagrams are sufficiently detailed). This works particularly well for the first two-thirds of the class. For the physiology section you will need to make several diagrams but have them relate to the ecology of the organisms, i.e. the challenges that the organism faces in the environment. These include desiccation, movement, protection, growth, excretion of wastes, gas exchange, etc. Try to outline your notes and try to discuss the material with a fellow classmate or with a Graduate Student Instructor; either your own or go to the Graduate Student Instructor office (2084 VLSB) during office hours. Take advantage of this several days before the exams, quizzes or lab practical. If you wait until the day before you will be competing with many other students who have also waited for the last minute. Take the exams in 80 minutes. Grade your exams and then go back and concentrate on
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Bio1A Lecture Exam Reader - B iology 1A - S ummer 2010...

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