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Lab Exam-2 - B iology 1A L ab Exam#1 J uly 20 th 2 009 N...

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1 of 13 pages Biology 1A - Lab Exam #1 – July 20 th , 2009 NAME GSI NAME LAB # (PRINT CLEARLY) 1. Sit in your assigned area. There should be at least one empty seat between each student, in some rooms there should be two empty seats. All books and papers should be placed on the floor. Put away all cell phones, pagers and calculators. You cannot use a calculator and your cell phone must be turned off and NOT be visible. Once again you CANNOT use your cell phone as a timer. 2. You will have 100 minutes, 10:40-12:05 PM. 3. Use a #2 pencil. ERASE ALL MISTAKES COMPLETELY AND CLEARLY . 4. Write in your name, today’s date and for period write the name of your GSI. Be sure to write in your SID and the last two digits of your LAB section #. The top 8 boxes are for your SID and the bottom two are for the last 2 digits of your LAB section #. 5. Leave your exam face UP. When told to begin, check your exam to see that you have 13 numbered pages. 6. Each multiple-choice question is worth 2 points unless indicated otherwise. Read all questions very carefully. If you have a question, raise your hand. A GSI will help you. The GSI will not give you the answer or explain scientific terms. Trivial answers will not receive credit, i.e. "it said so in the lab manual", "it increases because the slope increases", etc. Note that some of the multiple-choice questions have work area—we grade the scantron. This space is provided for your convenience only. 7. Do not talk during the exam. The exam is closed book. No calculator is permitted. 8. When told to STOP--STOP! If you do not stop when told to you then you will lose points, up to the maximum of 100 points. 9. MOST questions can be answered briefly in one or two sentences. You earn points for correct answers BUT if you have additional answers that are incorrect you will lose some points. For example, 3 answers of which only one is right will not be given full credit. You will lose some points for the 2 incorrect answers. WHEN TOLD TO BEGIN, CHECK FOR 13 NUMBERED PAGES. DO NOT TURN OVER until told to begin!!! Sect. # GSI name SID
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2 of 13 pages (Summer 2009, 7/20/2009) 1. (3 pts) You are studying the snow leopard. Sperm contain 19 chromosomes. At G2 of the mitotic cell cycle of a prostate cell you would expect to find # of chromosomes, a total of chromatids and molecules of double stranded DNA. A) 19; 38; 76 B) 38; 38; 76 C) 38; 76; 38 D) 38; 76; 76 E) 76; 76; 152
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