Lab Exam - BIO 1AL Lab Exam Reader, Fall 2010 This reader...

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Unformatted text preview: BIO 1AL Lab Exam Reader, Fall 2010 This reader contains three lab exams from previous semesters. The material covered differs slightly each semester. Set aside the time to take the exams in the allotted time, 85 minutes for lab exam 1 for Summer 2010, 100 minutes for lab exam 1 for Spring 2010 and Fall 2009. During Fall 2010 you will have 100 minutes. Note that the Fall 2010 Lab exam 1 will be entirely multiple choice there will be no short answer questions. The 16 s rRNA sequencing and PCR reaction is relatively new for Summer 2010 (and most of the cloning exercises have been deleted for Fall 2010 and as a result you can ignore those questions in the Fall 2009 sample exam). Keep these changes in mind as you look through the samples of lab exam 1. Note that you should still look at the short answer questions in previous exams so that you can get an idea of the questions. For example, I can convert the short answer questions into a multiple-choice format by listing five answers and having you select the correct answer. Lab exam 2 is a timed rotation so you cannot really mimic the experience of the actual lab exam. Use these exams to determine which areas you need to improve in. The second lab exam in Fall 2010 will be worth 64 points (it will still have 30 stations). Lab Exams Lab exam #1 Handout Spring 2010 3-4 #2 F 10 Handout 57 Summer 2010 5-18 19-22 #2 Fall 2006 59-62 Spring 2010 23-36 37-38 #2 Fall 2003 63-68 Fall 2009 39-53 55-56 There is typically a lab GSI in the GSI office (2088 VLSB) one hour before the start of each lab (except W & F morning). Discussion GSIs may be able to answer your questions (M-F 10-2, 2088 VLSB). The office will be really crowded the few days prior to the lab exam. Therefore try to come the week before. As always check our website or bSpace for the most current information. Specific Study Hints Outline your notes. Read the assigned reading before the lab lecture. Discuss the material with a fellow classmate or GSI--either your own, or go to the GSI office during office hours. Be sure to take advantage of office hours several weeks before the exams, quizzes or lab practicals. If you wait until just the week before, or even the same week, you will be competing along with many other students who have also waited until the very last minute--this just doesnt work as well. Refer also to your lab manual for other specific study hints. Attend lab lecture and take notes. Do your best to pay attention during lecture and to keep on top of the material. Each person has different study skills that work best for themselves. Typically a very good study strategy is to make diagrams and outlines which summarize the lab. As an example, I have made diagrams that summarize most of the lecture material in two or three diagrams....
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2010 for the course BIO biology taught by Professor Meighan during the Spring '09 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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Lab Exam - BIO 1AL Lab Exam Reader, Fall 2010 This reader...

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