C Program HW 1 - corrected(6 points 3 List(do not describe...

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Computer Science I Name _Maggie Luke ___________ COP 2220, Fall 2010 Homework 1 TR: Due Tuesday, 9-7, start of class MWF: Due Wednesday, 9-8, start of class (5 points) 1. What is the UNIX command to: delete a file? rm edit a text file? pico change permissions on files and/or directories? chmod compile a C source code file? gcc list the contents of a directory in long form? ls -l (5 points) 2. What is the three-step, repetitive procedure for writing a C program? Make sure to indicate how it is repetitive, what type of errors occur, and where they would occur. Write or edit code, Compile, Run.
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If sytax error – program grammar error, edit code and compile again, then run If semantics error- a logic error, then edit code, compile again, then run until all errors
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Unformatted text preview: corrected (6 points) 3. List (do not describe) the six stages of the software development life cycle, waterfall method. 1-Specifications 2-Analysis 3-Design 4-Implementation 5-Formal Testing 6-Maintenance (4 points) 4. A computer system has 5 subcategories of hardware. How are each of these resources allocated in a time-share system such as osprey? 1-Processor 2-Secondary Storage 3-Primary Storage 4-Input 5-Output A timeshare system such as Osprey maintains a central server with all of these 5 components accessible by multiple terminals (users) where all computing is completed by the central server and displayed on the terminal screens....
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C Program HW 1 - corrected(6 points 3 List(do not describe...

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