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CLSE 440 Unit Operations Laboratory-Fall 2010 Experiment 1: Fluid Flow Page 1 of 3 rev 1 9/8/10 Summary / Background: Transport of incompressible fluids is commonly accomplished by use of a pump plus a delivery system consisting of distribution components (piping and or tubing) and control components (valves, meters, regulators, etc.). The energy required to move a fluid depends on the physical properties of the fluid; the transport distance, the height (elevation) that the fluid is to be raised, and also on the details of the delivery system. A key issue is the relationship between the flow rate and the pressure created by the pump. Flow problems are analyzed with mass and energy balances, taking into account the friction losses through the components of a system: equipment, piping, valves, etc. The work performed by the pump is determined by solving a mechanical energy balance. The water system in laboratory 347 that was the subject of the initial assignment to create a Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) will be used in this experiment. Flow tests will be performed using the recirculation pump, storage tank and various valves that can be installed to replace a removable spool piece. The data generated from the flow test experiments is to be used to compare the actual performance of the system to that estimated by a “reverse engineering” process. Rather than designing a system to meet specified flow and pressure requirements, the installed system will be checked against the system calculations using the test data and estimated friction losses for the components. References:
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CLSE%20440%20Fall%202010%20Experiment%201-%20Fluid%20FLow -...

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