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Records and Registration 5057 Woodward, 5 th Floor Detroit, Michigan 48202 (313) 577-3541 Fax: (313) 577-8192 [email protected] ADD / Override Approval Form Records and Registration, February 2008 *READ AND FOLLOW THESE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS* The “Prior Approval Required” chart below describes the permissions necessary when registering for certain classes. If you receive an error when trying to register for a class, you may need prior approval. 1. Complete the ADD table with the course information 2. Obtain the class instructor’s signature 3. Contact the academic department offering the course (i.e., Psychology, etc.) for the appropriate override 4. Students MUST register themselves within the first 2 weeks of classes, BEFORE the last day to ADD via pipeline. 5. After the first 2 weeks of classes, students MUST submit the original form to the Records and Registration Resource Center for manual processing AFTER the appropriate deadline to ADD. 6.
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