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INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENT * A. After discussion of your plan with your Advisor, secure the approval of (1) your Program Advisor; (2) the department or Division Chairman; and (3) the appropriate Dean(s). B. Pay the fee at the Cashier’s Office, Suite 1100, Academic Administrative Bldg. This fee is subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Governors. C. Present the receipted form to the Examiner and take the examination. INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINER * A. After the examination results have been determined, indicate the student’s grade. B. Retain a copy for your records. C. Mail a copy to Student Records, 5057 Woodward, 5 th Floor. DO NOT TRANSMIT VIA STUDENT. *NOTE: To receive credit by examination, a student must have enrolled for one semester and completed at least one course.
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Unformatted text preview: 854 (1/02) Wayne State University STUDENT RECORDS (Please read instructions) Student Name (Last First) I.D. Number Date Undergraduate Graduate TO THE EXAMINER: Do not administer the examination(s) unless stamp appears in box at right. FEES ASSESED _______ Hrs. @ $10.00 Per Credit Hr. = $__________________ Course(s) andNumber(s) Credit hours Grade CERTIFICATION OF RESULTS OF EXAMINATION Signature of Examiner Date PETITION FOR CREDIT BY EXAMINATION THE EXAMINER RETAINS THE THIRD COPY (1) Advisor's Approval (2) Department Chairperson's Approval (3) Dean or Representative's Approval for College in which course is taught College in which student is registered HAS PERMISSION TO TAKE SPECIAL EXAMINATIONS COVERING: CREDIT Course(s) and Number(s) Credit Hours CASHIER'S STAMP...
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