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Libraries Borrowing Request Form

Libraries Borrowing Request Form - the previous semester...

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Request for Graduate Student Extension of WSU Libraries Borrowing Privileges For enrolled students not registered for the current term Date: _______________ Name ___________________________________________ Stud. ID/Soc. Sec. No._______________________________ Address _________________________________________ City _________________ State ________ Zip ___________ Telephone _______________________________________ Please allow the above student to have full student borrowing privileges for the semester indicated below. The student is not currently registered for classes with Wayne State University, but I attest to the student’s need to utilize the libraries for the current semester. I further attest that the student was enrolled in
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Unformatted text preview: the previous semester.* Spring/Summer Fall Winter Year: ___________ _____________________________________ _________________ ___________ Faculty/advisor signature Department Phone ____________________________________ ____________________________ Faculty/advisor name (print) E-mail address *Please note: an extension in borrowing privileges will only be granted if the student has been enrolled in the previous semester, and is expected to be enrolled in the next semester. Library use only Student Library Card Number: 29343____________________________________ New Expiration Date: ________________________ Staff member initials: _________...
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