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Unformatted text preview: PLAN OF WORK | Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Office, 4012 F/AB, 656 W. Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202 Phone: 313.577.2171 | Name PID Address Major Minor (MUST declare minor) E‐mail Date Telephone Advisor INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Submit prior to 40 credits of coursework being completed 2. List all WSU credits earned or to be earned that you would like to apply toward fulfillment of Ph.D. requirements 3. Attach an approved Transfer of Credit form for all applicable courses not elected at WSU. Do not list these courses individually on the Plan of Work; only put the number of credits transferred in the appropriate column of the Transfer of Credit row at the end of the following table. 4. Complete the section on full‐time residence (see policy statement, University Bulletin) 5. Obtain all signatures/dates 6. Forward to the Graduate School Course Title (EXAMPLE) Major 4 Minor Other Dept. & No. PSY 3350 Semester W08 Dept. & No. Semester Major (Show hours only; attach Transfer of Credit form) Transfer of Credit TOTALS Course Title Minor Other (Overall program must total at least 90 credits; 100 credits for Education) PROGRAM TOTAL FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Student Advisor Date Date Date Graduate School Approval Date MINOR 7000 AND ABOVE RESIDENCE TOTAL HOURS DISSERTATION HOURS WSU COURSE WORK MAJOR Departmental Graduate Officer ...
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