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Unformatted text preview: DOCTORAL DISSERTATION: PROSPECTUS AND RECORD OF APPROVAL Ph.D. Office, 4012 F/AB, 656 W. Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202 | Phone: 313.577.2171 | [email protected] INSTRUCTIONS 1. Attach a copy of your prospectus (i.e. dissertation proposal). 2. Obtain the signatures of the Dissertation Advisor, all Dissertation Committee Members, and the Departmental Graduate Officer. 3. File the original with the Graduate School. After final approval by the Dean, the original will be retained by the Graduate School, and copies will be sent to the student, to the student’s Dissertation Advisor, and to the Departmental Graduate Officer. 4. If the prospectus meeting fulfills the Oral Examination requirement the names of the dissertation committee members must be completed and submitted to the Departmental Graduate Officer one week before the meeting in order to verify the Graduate Faculty appointment of the committee members. During the meeting the outside member of the committee should preside as the moderator of the oral examination. See the Oral Examination form for additional information pertaining to the conduct of the examination. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to remember when selecting a research subject that dissertations are public documents, and publication and distribution of them will not be suppressed by WSU. Student's name: Telephone: City: Major: Date: State: Zip Code: PID: Address: Email Address: Dissertation Advisor: Estimated date of completion: Tentative Title of Dissertation: If the Prospectus is used to fulfill the Oral Exam Requirement, check here: (Note to student: Indicate time and place of examination. Provide names of committee members and submit form to your departmental Graduate Officer one week before the exam. See additional instructions on the Oral Examination form) PLACE: EXAM TIME: (Note to Committee members: Your signatures on the back of this form indicate that the student has passed the exam) Write a brief statement for each of the following four sections and then check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for question 5: 1. Statement of the problem, its scope, and rationale. 2. Source of the materials, subjects, etc. 3. Method and design (statistical analysis where applicable). 4. Hypothesized results (where applicable). 5. *** IF YOU CHECKED ‘YES,’ then include a copy of the HIC approval form or the AIC approval form with this outline*** Please contact Joanna Risk, Human Investigation Committee at [email protected], or Carolyn Berger, Animal Investigation Committee at (313) 577‐1629 for appropriate forms. Proposals involving human and animal investigation approval will not be approved by The Graduate School if they are not first approved by the Human and Animal Investigation Committees. STUDENT SIGNATURE: DISSERTATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE (Please Type Names) Are human subjects or animals involved in your dissertation research? Yes No (Check one) DATE: Dissertation Advisor RECORD OF APPROVALS (Signatures Required) Outside Member Outside member is from: DEPARTMENTAL GRADUATE OFFICER: _____________________________________________ DATE: ______________ DEAN, GRADUATE SCHOOL: _____________________________________________________ DATE: ______________ GS 1/2008 ...
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