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Repeat Course - Request to Repeat a Graduate Course A...

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Request to Repeat a Graduate Course A graduate department may allow a student to petition to repeat a graduate course in which the student received a grade of B- or lower. No more than two courses may be repeated during the student’s study at Wayne State University, and this number may be further limited by individual departments. The appropriate approvals must be obtained before registration for the course to be repeated takes place. The original grade for the course will remain on the student’s transcript, but only the grade received in repetition of the course will be used in computation of the student’s honor point average. Students will not receive University financial aid for repetition of courses. Instructions to Student Complete the top section of the form, obtain the signature of your department’s Graduate Director and submit the form to the Graduate School, 4 012 Faculty/Administration Building. After approval by the Graduate School, copies of the form will be returned to your Graduate Director and, for Master’s students, your School/College Graduate Officer. Your grade report at the end of the current term will reflect the effect of the repeat upon your hours and honor point average.
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