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Report on Oral Examination Form

Report on Oral Examination Form - REPORT ON ORAL...

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Unformatted text preview: REPORT ON ORAL EXAMINATION Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Office, 4012 F/AB, 656 W. Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202 Phone: 313.577.2171 | [email protected] ***NOTE: This form is not to be completed if the Oral Exam Requirement is fulfilled by the Prospectus Meeting*** Name PID Address E‐mail Date Telephone EXAMINING COMMITTEE MEMBERS: (Please type) Advisor Outside Member (optional) Departmental Graduate Officer The Oral Exam is: (check one) Part of the Qualifying Exam A Lecture/Seminar Other: Date COMMITTEE REPORT ON DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY ORAL EXAMINATION PASS FAIL EXAMINING COMMITTEE MEMBER SIGNATURES: Advisor Outside Member (optional) Graduate School Approval RECOMMENDATIONS: Date INSTRUCTIONS The Oral Examination is required of all Ph.D. students. The committee for the Oral Examination must be composed of at least three departmental members. A fourth member outside the department is optional. Often, members of the Oral Examination committee will serve as the members of the student’s dissertation committee; however, this overlap in membership is not required. All Oral Examination Committee members must hold a Graduate Faculty appointment. The Oral Examination requirement may be fulfilled as part of the final Qualifying Examination, as a lecture or a seminar, as part of the Prospectus meeting, or in some other context in which the student presents information orally and answers questions posed by the student’s committee. If the Oral Examination is part of the final Qualifying Examination it must be completed within 60 days of the written exam. If the Oral Examination is part of the Prospectus meeting, the Oral Examination form should not be submitted. The Prospectus form should be completed instead. If the Oral Examination does not occur as part of the final Qualifying Examination, a lecture or a seminar, or as part of the Prospectus meeting, please describe the format of the examination in the space provided. The student should complete the top portion of the form and submit it to the Departmental Graduate Officer at least one week before the examination. The Graduate Officer is responsible for verifying the Graduate Faculty appointment of the Committee members before the meeting. An examination may be invalid if members of the Oral Examination Committee do not hold a Graduate Faculty appointment. PROCEDURES AT THE ORAL EXAMINATION Before the examination begins, the Committee must select a moderator for the proceedings. If the student’s committee includes an outside member, he/she is the appropriate person to serve as the moderator. The Oral Examination Committee is responsible for examining and certifying that the student has an adequate command of the knowledge in the field of study and can organize, apply and convey that knowledge. A student may be passed in the examination if there is not more than one negative vote. Abstentions shall be considered negative votes. The Examination Committee Moderator has three options at the conclusion of the examination: a. To certify that the student passed the examination b. To certify that the student failed the examination c. To defer a decision for a period not to exceed thirty days The moderator of the Examination Committee may defer a decision when the conduct of the examination is questionable or when he/she disagrees with the decision of the Committee. After deferring a decision, the moderator may meet with the Graduate School Dean for resolution of the problem. If the decision concerning the examination is to be deferred, the student must be so informed and assured that a resolution of the problem shall be conveyed within thirty days. If the student has failed, the moderator shall convey to the student the Committee’s specific recommendations concerning a second examination. A second examination may not be held until at least one semester has elapsed, but must be held within one calendar year following the first examination. The second examination shall be considered final. If, during the examination, any inappropriate incident occurs or any serious controversy among members of the Examination Committee develops, the moderator shall intervene, excuse the student, resolve the issue, and secure assent as to procedure before recalling the student and resuming the examination. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily, the examination shall be recessed or postponed, and the problem referred to the Graduate School. This form must be submitted to the Graduate School, Ph.D. Office (4012 F/AB), along with the Recommendation for Candidacy Status form. ...
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